OceanRide is the first 100% eco-friendly SUP and Bike online renting platform in France as it combines Beach and Shoreline Clean Up Initiatives.


Founded in 2016 by former Olympic windsurfing gold medalist Franck DAVID and Marco SIMEONI, President of the RACE FOR WATER Foundation, OceanRide has an ENVIRONMENTAL, ENTREPREUNEURIAL and DIGITAL dimensions.

In 2015, after years in the Olympic and Offshore (ORMA 60, MOD70) sailing industry, they organized and took part to the RACE FOR WATER ODYSSEY, a worldwide sailing expedition launched to create the first global assessment of plastic pollution in the oceans.

Alarmed by the environmental disaster witnessed, at the start of 2016, they both decided to create OceanRide : an innovative concept mixing outdoor activities (Stand Up Paddle or Bike) with a real commitment for ocean conservation.

Thanks to its online platform oceanride.org which is the heart of its economic model, clients have access to boards and bikes in just one click in more than 300 attractive areas located either by the sea, a lake or a river, in France or in the FOD. It’s also the certainty to benefit from a premium service and the possibility to “Organize your own beach or shore clean up initiative and enjoy 30 min of free rental” and thus to take action in a playful manner.

A blog for the users as well as for the renters, has also been created to discuss the benefit from these activities as well as giving useful tips to preserve the environment.


During the first phase (Summer 2016-Summer 2017), the commercial strategy employed by OceanRide was to target professional Stand Up Paddle renters.

In its second phase (currently), we have decided to broaden our network and include Camping, Hotels, Inns…located near the sea, a lake or a river, with a strong potential to attract tourists and willing to offer an accessible, fun and committed activity.

We now have a “Paddle&Bike” Offer combined with our beach clean-up initiatives in order to increase OceanRide’s customers and the seasonality of the activity.


Each renter integrated in OceanRide’s network thus benefit from a turnkey offer:

  • Eco-friendly equipment available  thanks to a guaranteed manufacturing partnership with Bic Sport for the Stand Up Paddle (No. 1 in the world) ensuring international representation, but above all a mark (Ecoride) recognised for sustainable development and product lifecycle management. For the Bike, a partnership with VélocOuest has been set up. .

  • A booster for your business  thanks to innovative online solutions and services enabling renters to increase their revenue and streamline their day-to-day management.

  • An Optimized Customer Relationship Management  (easy online booking system for the clients, online payment, reward schemes…).

  • A commitment to conserve the oceans since OceanRide is donating 10% of its profits to the Race for Water Foundation to fund awareness and educational programs at an international level..


of Stand Up Paddleboards recycled* after 3 years

*10% by up-cycling and 90% by Recycling







OceanRide Renters
By 2020
(France and Abroad)



Yearly Meetings

dedicated to Beach Clean Up


About race for water

Race for Water Foundation,
Charity Partner

Our charity partner, Race for Water, is a recognised charitable foundation whose vision is the preservation of water, the most precious resource of our planet, which is now seriously threatened by plastic pollution. Race for Water's mission is to identify, promote and help implement plastic waste recycling solutions in order to stop their accumulation in bodies of water and to create new sources of income for the people most affected by this pollution.

About bic sport 1


The world leader in windsurfing for more than 20 years, BIC Sport has diversified over the last 20 years into surfing, kayaking and dinghies for children, and is now using this unique expertise to launch a wide range of Stand Up Paddle boards. This new watersport is closer than ever to the values of simplicity and accessibility that made the brand a success. As a company actively limiting its impact on the environment, BIC Sport has been awarded the Ecoride label.

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