Race For Water Foundation (R4WF)/OceanRide's Charter

As member of OceanRide's network, I pledge to:

- Limit the washing of equipment to save water,
- Emphasise the consumption of eco-responsible products,
- Minimise waste and focus on sustainable products,
- Encourage customers to use shared means of transport (bus, carpooling etc.)
- Encourage beach-cleaning initiatives (Beach Clean-up)
- Adopt practices for helping the planet (water bottles, reusable bags etc.)
- Observe the marked paths to access sites
- Promote the Race for Water Foundation and its actions through our communication channels
- Be a model for customers, users of the platform, and in any external representation related to the OceanRide concept

OceanRide is committed to protecting the planet:

The OceanRide online platform gives you the opportunity to limit your footprint:

- Benefit from the OceanRide platform by registering online and reducing your use of paper
- SUP boards are recycled at the end of their life 
- 10 SUP boards allow 500 people to practice the sport 
- 100% of the SUP boards will be produced in France thanks to an industrial partnership with BIC Sport 
- OCEANRIDE is spreading awareness about the cause of ocean conservation throughout society 
- Beach clean-up kits are available to you at every participating OceanRide renters

SUP ? Bike ? Let's go